Old saree from my Mother’s wardrobe

A mother’s closet is the foremost window to style and fashion in every girl’s life.

Ever since my childhood, I have repeatedly opened my Mom’s wardrobe, staring at all her old yet graceful sarees and wishing to wear all these captivating multicolored sarees one day.

Flashback from the past, I remember how I used to amuse myself with a doll house and trying to drape my Mom’s dupatta as a saree, trying to walk in her shoes even if they don’t fit. All I can think of is the pleasant smile my mother had on her face after watching me doing all this.
The bottom line is that every girl has an eye on her mother’s depository way back from babyhood. 
A few days back  I was looking for an elegant dress for a wedding in my family.
Full of wisdom, grace and beauty, there’s no better source than your mother for ideas of a great attire. Think about it : your mom is not afraid to be honest with you, knows you better than most people, and has a closet full of clothing that spans across decades.
Who better to talk fashion with?

As we all know sarees do lose their charm over a period of time. However if sarees are maintained well and are taken care of properly then they can be used for decades.

I asked my Mom if I can reuse a silk saree from her wardrobe and she was more than happy to know that her most-loved saree is still going to be used and not getting thrown away.
Together we thought how can we transform it into something beautiful and different and this is what came in our mind.

Steps below to create this look :

– Purchased black brocade for Choli(Crop Top) from our local market.

-Rushed to a boutique nearby(Mum is still the best advisor when it comes to buying fabrics or badgering to the tailor to stitch outfits last minute)

-Got saree cut into palazzo pants and dupatta in a way that the border is used around the sides (Sarees with thick zari borders can make for great palazzo pants.)

-To complete the look I added Tassels(Latkan) for Choli and Palazzo pants.

With this, the silk saree was reused nicely and a new dress is ready.

Outfit – #sareefrommom’scloset


Earrings -Local Market

I am sure your mom must be having numerous sarees stocked in her closet, of which some of them are now of no use to her either they are outdated or she dislikes the color.

Instead of having them stacked up in the wardrobe and letting them consume that space on the shelf, why don’t you re-cycle the old silk saree to something you would wear and love to show off as a creation of your own by using such idea.
That’s so you! Create a look you love with Beauty, Style and Grace.
-Sagrika Jhamb

74 Replies to “Old saree from my Mother’s wardrobe”

  1. This is so cool 1girlonejourney! In Sri Lanka, we have two modes of wearing saris- the ‘up-country way’ and ‘low-country’ way 😊

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  2. Nice post and cute outfit! I’m an Indian gal as well and I just adore wearing Indian outfits…lehengas, sarees, etc and matching my accessories with them! They just make every Indian girl much more prettier ❀

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  3. well finally took time to read it πŸ˜‰ πŸ™‚
    I would say good one…best is that you shared it across coz many a times we do stuffs but do not bother to share…I am sure people will surely use this idea πŸ™‚ ….. nice start…..

    Liked by 1 person

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