To Travel is to Live!!

A demanding job. A bad breakup. The loss of a loved one. If no, then we all have almost fixed routine. Everyday we answer to schedules, routines and calendar. Not much changes in our daily life. Basically it’s a cycle that we repeat everyday. Day-to-day life can drain you physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Everyone needs a break from his/her fixed daily routine. Travel can be a great relief from the stress and unhappiness that come along. It will show you there’s more to life than just your to-do list.

To travel is to live, they say (I follow). Travel not only teaches us the value of life, but also makes us learners and observers. It compels us to think about everything that is right and wrong in this world. Needless to say, it shows us just how beautiful this world can be, when you think there’s no hope. You experience much more than you would in a standard 9 to 5.

There are so many excuses not to travel – not enough time, not enough money, fear of the unknown and the list goes on. The reason why we can’t take a break to travel, often overweight the reasons why we should.

Reasons why you need to ignore all your excuses and take a break to travel right now are many.
Here are a few which motivates me the most :
1) Little baggage :

Life is easier when you don’t carry excess baggage. Travelling extensively teaches you how to carry things that matter to you, and nothing else that might be a little ‘extra’. And that applies to life too.

2) Communication :

Trying to find your way in a crowd filled with strangers teaches you how to communicate with people and this experience also teaches you how to rely on people when you need help sometimes. Breaking the ice with new people becomes trouble free.

3) New hobbies :

Who knows, may be the beauty of a place is so astonishing that you want to capture it in the best way possible?

That’s how skills like photography, writing, reading and even food and fashion based hobbies can be developed. 

4) Do what locals do :

When you travel around, especially in places where the culture is different from where you reside, you will realize that people are not only nice – most of them are extremely hospitable.
Every place has a story and who can tell you that story better than a local.
So, when you travel, make sure to stay with a local (at least once) to get the best experience of the place you are travelling to.

5) It’s about FOOD :

There is so much food in the world. No travel is complete without having tasted the local cuisine. Travelling to different places and tasting the food, the people there eat is fun, and it lets you know just how different people enjoy different food.

So, be the ‘YES’ person, try the food.

You will be constantly surprised at the flavors the world has to offer.

6) Memories :

Finally, it’s important to make memories, because its memories that make life more meaningful.

Pictures, videos and good company…There is nothing else that reminds us of the good times we had travelling to a place away from home.

Apart from this there are infinite reasons to travel :
– Travel gives you purpose.

– It makes you more open minded and helps you move forward.

– You develop a sense of Independence, freedom and accomplishment.

– It helps you learn who you are.

– Travel means adventure and it challenges you.

– Travel gives you perspective and proves that dreams do come true.

Which of these reasons why people love to travel resonates most with you? Or do you have another motivator?  Please share your thoughts!

#travel #blogger
– Sagrika Jhamb

60 Replies to “To Travel is to Live!!”

  1. Very Interesting & the reasons to travel n explore r outlayed and elaborated to convince d person 2 start traveling anytym anywhere widout planning much . This Subject applies to all people & all Ages.

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  2. I think travel re-tunned our mindset majority of the time. It also depend why you are travelling? Know why you are getting and not for the purpose of travelling makes it more exciting and fun.

    I travel to learn something! Rather just for leisure

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  3. Enjoined reading. life without traveling and exploring places give us memories. I too love to travel around and explore stuff.
    This is my site hope u will enjoy it. and follow if you like it.
    this is on friendship,i.e. value of friendship for me.

    my experience would love to share with u.

    hope u like it, and follow only if u feel connected to it.

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