​Failure : My new Friend

All of us pass through a period in our lives when nothing works in our favor.  There are many ways in which our life changes. Sometimes, these changes happen slowly, while the other times, things change overnight.  Life has a way of foiling promises made, no matter how sincerely and earnestly they were made. 

You may not always get what you want or what you like. Whether you are a designer, a politician, an engineer, a doctor or simply a lover, the road to success passes through the fields of failure.

Many people are taught to adopt a negative attitude towards failure and these people always fear failure. Those who are afraid of failure often end up doing nothing at all.

Be  it a guy who is too nervous too talk to a cute girl or a student who is not able to concentrate on his exams because of the risk of failure in his mind. And inaction is the biggest symptom of fear.

Fear of failure can be a more potent force than failure itself and the primary thing that stops people in their tracks from advancing their personal or professional situation.


We are emotional beings and are motivated by either hope or fear. Hope drives us forward as we are aspiring to be somewhere or someone, whereas fear stops us taking the very first step. Fear is usually the stronger emotion.

In my opinion, we should always chase the fear but what if we fail at something, it simply implies that we have done something that many people hesitate to do : we have actually made an attempt at success.

Like a true friend Failure always

– makes us aware where we need to improve.

– forces us to acknowledge our shortcomings.

– tells us that we need to do better.

– makes us stronger and more resilient.

– lets us realize how much we want something.

– tells us if something is not for us.

Failure and fear are closely linked and rather than being avoided, should actually be welcomed with open arms. They are the catalyst to personal and professional growth and for a happy and successful life.
So there you have it, some of my thoughts on why failure is my new friend. If you have any comments, feedback or a personal story to share, please let me know in the comments box below. Also, if this blog resonates with you, please consider sharing it with others.

Thanks for stopping by!!

Sagrika Jhamb


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